Saturday, 23 May 2015


*Shell Suit Jacket // Rokit
*Swimsuit Top // Rokit
*Denim Shorts // Rokit
Fishnet Tights // Primark
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell

So earlier in the week I was invited over to the Rokit Vintage store in Camden to pick up an outfit. Rokit have 4 stores across London, and a massive range of clothing online as well! Rokit sell an amazing range of vintage and reworked clothing, and there were so many amazing things I tried on in store. After spending about an hour looking round, I opted for this blue themed outfit; the shorts, top and jacket are all from Rokit! The prices are really reasonable, this outfit would have come to about £45 which is amazing for a complete outfit! The jacket has to be my favourite, I have been after a shell suit jacket for a while now, and this one is just the perfect shape :D

Thursday, 21 May 2015


*Sunflower Denim Romper // OASAP
Fluffy Sweatshirt // ASOS
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell

So I had a bit of a nightmare with the pictures for this outfit! I was half way through editing them earlier and managed to delete half of them! I was so angry haha! So I then had to take some more, so I had enough to put in a blog post, which is why I have two different hair styles in the pictures! This was all happening while I should have been revising for my exam tomorrow (which I should be doing now as well!) So I'm wearing this lovely denim romper from OASAP, my collection of dungarees/pinafore dresses is becoming quite large now! I really like the shorts part of these dungarees as they are quite flattering for my thighs, I hate it when shorts are too tight!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


*Floral V Neckline Romper // OASAP
Platform Sandals // La Moda
White Fishnet Tights // ebay

I'm not going on holiday until September, but I already feel the need to start getting things together so I'm well equipped for Athens! I received this lovely V neckline playsuit from OASAP the other day, and I know it will look fab on holiday. The colours are so fresh, and I really love the tropical detail too! I decided to style it up for spring by wearing it with white fishnet tights and white sandals. When the weather gets a bit warmer I will brave it with bare legs!

Sunday, 17 May 2015


*Mesh Panelled Leggings // Leggsington
Mermaid Bodysuit // Minga London
Denim Jacket // boohoo (old)
Buckle Boots // Stone Fox (sold out)

I have been lusting after everything that Minga London sell for so long, so I decided to treat myself to this adorable mermaid shell bodysuit/swimsuit. I intend to wear it both as a bodysuit and as a swimsuit as well, because it will look cute when I go on holiday later this year! I've decided to style it up with these really cool mesh leggings from Leggsington. I'm building up quite a collection of Leggsington products now, but the leggings are really good quality so they are definitely worth it. These are literally the softest pair of leggings I have ever felt!

Friday, 15 May 2015


*Pleather Fringed Skirt // YOINS
*Crochet Bralet // YOINS
*Plastic Pop Clutch // Archie Mac London

I'm going to start by expressing my love for this amazing clutch bag! It's from a company called Archie Mac London who make some amazing kaleidoscopic home and fashion accessories. The bag I have is called the Plastic Pop clutch and it's part of the Toy Story collection - the design is so cool and if you look closely you can see barbie dolls in the design! The back of the bag has a different design, which you can choose from two different options. I opted to have cute little pom poms added to mine as well! Ohhh and I almost forgot, even the interior of the bag is super pretty too, it's metallic purple! There are so many pretty designs on the website; you can get the designs on both purses and clutch bags so I definitely recommend you have a little look!

The bag looks cute with my lovely new pieces from YOINS. I'm really into the fringing trend at the moment, so I needed to get some fringed clothing into my life. I'm also really into crochet, so I got this cute little crochet top to go with the skirt. The top and skirt together are such a bargain and only come to £20! I haven't worn an all black outfit for a while so it was nice to feel a bit more sophisticated!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


*Queen of Hearts Jacket // The Yub
*Two Piece // The Yub
Platform Boots // Stone Fox (sold out)
Fishnet Tights // Primark

This is going to be a super quick post as I should currently be revising for my stats test that's on Friday. I hate exam season (who doesn't!) because I really find it hard to prioritise uni work over blogging, blogging feels much more important to me, but realistically uni should be because I'm spending four years of my life training for my future career! But anyway, I'm trying to do both as best I can! 
Both the co-ord and the really cool jacket I'm wearing are from The Yub. The jacket is a great edition to my wardrobe, because as the weather gets warmer it's becoming too hot to wear a proper coat out, but a jacket like this is perfect for keeping me the right temperature. Plus it's pink, and that's always a bonus!