Wednesday, 17 December 2014


*Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses // Smart Buy Glasses
*Black Lace Dress // YOINS
Glitter Fishnets // Topshop
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell 
Fluffy Bag // Kylie Jane (depop)
Heart Choker // dopereadstuff

I have always been a massive sunglasses fan, so when I received these Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses from I had to wear them straight away! Even though its winter, it's still actually really sunny some days, so I know I'm going to wear them loads - they are so pretty XD. sell a load of designer sunglasses (and normal glasses), so if you are still stuck for a last minute Christmas gift you should have a look at their Christmas Gift Guide for some inspiration! I feel so fortunate to own designer sunglasses now, and you can really tell the quality difference in comparison to cheaper glasses (although I'm always going to be a bargain sunglasses lover too!)

I'm also wearing this lovely lace dress from YOINS. It's really similar to a this Topshop dress, but it costs a lot less! It's a perfect dress to wear in the Christmas party season, and looks really nice with glitter tights.  I got the dress in a size small, but it probably would have been better for me in  a medium because of my thighs!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Gold Velvet Dress // Topshop (eBay)
*Duster Cardigan // Primark
*Pink Faux Fur // Primark
Glitter Fishnets // Topshop
Poison Ivy Buckle Boots // Stone Fox

Today I'm wearing some of the other lovely things I got with my Primark gift card. I've been after a duster coat or cardigan for a while now, and this one from Primark is just perfection. It looks really cute with this faux fur stole - I got one in black and white from Primark as well! (will be featured in an upcoming post).

Last week Shopcade kindly invited me to a Christmas blogger meal. It was super cute and I got a giftbag full of lovely bits and pieces! One of the gifts was this cute bindi from! Gem bindis are so pretty, and you can get 7 for £5 which is such a good price! There's a load of other really cute jewellery on there too, so you should definitely have a little look :D

Saturday, 13 December 2014


*Ripped Mom Jeans // YOINS
*Patchwork Coat // Primark
*Fluffy Crop // Primark
Buckle Boots // Stone Fox
*Hairbands // Popband

The other week I was invited to the Primark SS15 press event; I was super excited as I'd never been invited to a press event before! Primark kindly gave me a giftcard, and I got some amazing bits from the Tottenham Court Road store! So firstly I got this perfect patchwork pastel coat which I absolutely adore! I also got this super cute lilac fluffy crop top, they sell it in black and cream as well but didn't have my size :(

I'm also wearing my new jeans from YOINS. I seriously love ripped jeans, especially when they are 'mom' style! I will actually be weaing these jeans all the time now! They are so nice, and only cost £20 which is a definite bargain!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


White Tennis Skirt // eBay
Pink Lace Top // Primark
Metallic Pink Crop // H&M 
Glitter Tights // Topshop
Platform Shoes // Justfor£5
Fluffy Bag // @kyliejanee

I don't know why but I just love pink clothing and accessories at the moment. Whenever I have been shopping recently, I'm just drawn towards really cute and pink clothing! Nothing in this outfit is new, I just really felt like having a pink outfit day, so this mash up of clothing was the outcome! Sometimes random outfits are the best kind! 

I went on a massive Primark spree today, so keep your eyes peeled for some of the gems I got in my next few posts! So excited!


Sunday, 7 December 2014


Faux Fur Cocoon Jacket // Stone Fox
Denim Skirt // H&M (kids)
Glitter Tights // H&M
Poison Ivy Buckle Boots // Stone Fox

On black Friday I didn't come across many amazing offers, but Stone Fox were offering either 20% or 30% off everything (I can't remember which)! I'd wanted these boots for ages, so the discount gave me the perfect excuse to treat myself, and this faux fur jacket may have made its way into my shopping basket as well! I don't know if you can see from the pictures, but my tights are actually glittery. I got them in a size small but they are sooooo long! So I'm not sure whether they were in the wrong packaging, or whether H&M just doesn't cater for short people!


Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Tartan Skirt // New Look
Metallic Top // New Look (kids)
Fluffy Bag // Kylie Jane
Chunky Boots // Topshop

I've been lacking outfit inspiration the last week or so, and find myself gravitating towards the same few pieces! I haven't actually purchased or received any new clothes recently so I'm having to look back at some of my older pieces. I got this tartan skirt from New Look around Christmas time last year, and I still love it. Tartan makes me feel so festive, and combined with a metallic top (which is still reasonably new) I'm feeling rather Christmasy! This white fluffy bag is actually new; I couldn't resist buying it to go with they pink one I already have. They are so pretty! I have just ordered this faux fur pom pom bag charm from River Island to attach to it!